About Us

Ecologic Builders developed out of mutual passions, shared values and deep respect between the partners. The term sustainability is way overused these days, but the concepts around it are vital to a healthy community.

Making sure that our homes and buildings make efficient use of energy, water and materials simply makes sense to us. The materials we put in our buildings need to fit within those same principles and provide us with a healthy environment to live and work. These systems all interrelate, but seeing the relationships is not always easy. That is where we come in. We're not just designing and building a structure, we're helping to build the systems that integrate with the lives of our customers and our community.

Matthew Piner

Matthew Piner has been both a licensed Architect and contractor in Sacramento region for 20 plus years. His extensive experience with historic homes compliments and contrasts with his work on innovative projects, such as a recent home made from repurposed steel shipping containers. Matt's love of both the theory and the application of "green design" ideas has drawn him to innovate in both the building world and the product development realm. This same relationship provides our team with the highest level of innovative design and value engineering available to a construction company. www.pinerworks.com

Tim White

Tim White - frequent collaborator and master craftsman.  Could not have completed most of the work we’ve done these past years without Tim’s help.  Tim has an Artist’s eye for detail and understands the notion of building for quality and longevity.  He is a good friend and continues to be a valuable asset as a sub for our work.