Our commitment to sustainability gets reflected in the services that we offer. Some of these options can be taken as independent services or they can be incorporated into any other type of building or remodeling project.

Standard with everything we do we always educate our clients about and offer options for energy efficiency, opportunities for reuse and recycling of materials, and products that maintain a healthy home environment.

Energy Savings and comfort

Ecologic Builders works with Home Performance Subcontractors on a Whole House approach to efficiency and comfort.
* Through performance modeling and upgrades we offer ways to save you money both near and long term.
* We test and audit a building to find where and how energy is wasted.
* We provide options for improving and remodel or replace as necessary based on your needs and desire for efficiency and comfort.

RaVe Roofing System

Radiant and Ventilated, high-performance, energy-efficient roofing system.
Superior for homes with vaulted ceilings, also dramatically improves the energy efficiency of all homes, esp. when combined with a cool roof color.
* Double roof sheathing design incorporates a radiant top layer separated from the second layer by a vented gap running from eave to ridge.
* With our careful attention to design details, this system is visually indistinguishable from a standard roof with added benefits that last for the life of the roof and that can actually prolong the life of your roofing product.

Design / Build Services

20 years as both contractor and architect, allows us to provide a streamlined process from concept to completion.
* Superior design from traditional to contemporary to cutting edge innovation.
* Faster process with one party - less hassle and miscommunication.
* Your project is managed from start to finish in a process that works with your budget to give you maximum quality and value.


20 years of Experience with design and construction gives us a wide portfolio of projects to share and many years of service to prove their value. Tell us about your project and we will provide specific references for similar work.

Green Roof Construction

EcoLogic Builders has completed 2 Vegetated Roof Projects in the Sacramento Area, working in concert with Kent Thompson of Vegetated Roofing LLC. We coordinate all aspects of a living roof system such as slope retention, waterproof membrane, drainage, soil mix and install of soil, irrigation, plant selection and planting plus maintenance options.

Tiny House Design/Build

Capping off a decades long interest in the notion of affordable and high quality micro housing, EcoLogic Builders now offers “Tiny Home” design/build services. We can help you build from your own plan or one we will co-create using all non-toxic materials for the critical aspect of Indoor Air Quality and Health. By nature extremely energy efficient, affordable and with an ultra low environmental impact - let us help your Tiny House dreams come true. Stay tuned for updates as we complete our first build and prototype using unique and healthy building materials and techniques developed over many years of research.